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Zoom Teeth Whitening for $495

Not only does The White Bite offer one of the cheapest teeth whitening prices on the Gold Coast: we also provide you with a take-home aftercare pack to help you keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Zoom Teeth Whitening ad

Our practice uses the Zoom!TM method of in-office tooth whitening.

Zoom! TM involves painting high concentrate bleach on the teeth then heating the bleach with a blue UV light, which is often referred to as laser whitening. The advantage of the light is that it quickly heats the bleach to a high temperature, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the teeth. The bleaching process occurs through the release of oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide to

bleach the discoloured or stained surfaces. Your gums, lips, cheeks and tongue are protected with specialised rubber and gauze seals to prevent burning. This type of bleaching takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

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Zoom teeth whitening for $495

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Zoom teeth whitening for $495

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