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Gold coast dental holidays


Situated between world famous beaches and the lush greenery of the hinterland, the Gold Coast is an endless playground for travellers of all ages. From shopping centres to theme parks, restaurants, canals, nightclubs, wineries and more, there is something for everyone, from families to party goers, teens, couples, business travellers and retirees.

That’s why at The White Bite we believe we are in the perfect place for recovery from dental treatment. For those needing minor treatment make the most of your trip to the Gold Coast by visiting the famous theme parks, surfing some of the world’s best breaks and hiking heritage listed rainforests.

If you’re visiting us for a more extensive treatment, you’ll find the Gold Coast can also be incredibly relaxing. Spend your recovery time soaking up the sun on the beach, browsing the local markets or simply enjoying the laid back beach lifestyle from your holiday accommodation.


While there has been a growing trend of Australians jetting off overseas for dental treatments, the work being done can be hit and miss, sometimes resulting in poor outcomes, lasting pain and even loss of teeth. You may get good treatment on a dental holiday overseas, but if something does go wrong later you’ll be an ocean away from the dentist who did the work and will most likely have to pay even more for damage control.

Dental care in Australia is highly regulated and has a long track record of producing high-quality dental care. Patients are protected under state and federal law there are strict follow-up procedures should something go wrong. All of our dental professionals are well trained, comply with all Australian standards, and work with high-quality dental materials. If you feel your smile deserves better than “hit and miss” dental care, contact us at The White Bite for quality care at an affordable price.

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